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A Four-Course Approach to Creating Disciples
"We attended a home bible study where we learned the Disciples Network's plan for making disciples. We both went to Bible College but never fully understood a Biblical Worldview until we took this course."
John and Amy Gordon, West Palm Beach, FL
"When I understood the Worldview Roadmap it changed the way I explain the gospel to my students. These 12 questions lead to the same place.. The Truth of Christ in all areas of life. Thank you for coming to our church."
7th Grade Public School Teacher, Lynchburg, VA
"I have used the core questions that I learned in this course to talk to many of my clients. Some have accepted Christ."
Len Wright, Limousine driver, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
"My wife and I watched the response of the members of our small group when they were taught the disciples overview. We think that everybody in our churches can benefit from this plan. It works."
Ron and Connie Bogner, West Palm Beach, FL
"Over five years ago we attended a worldview seminar and learned a new way of looking at life from a biblical perspective. Now this material is online. We recommend that you take this course."
Marc and Lisa Pittington Lake Worth, FL
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