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Unique Products from CPR Ministries
Worldview Roadmap - Manuel and Power Point CD - $25
This power point presentation takes you on a journey down a road. You stop at eleven cities or subjects to discuss a core question. Each subject is addressed with principles from The Word of God. You can use the Manuel for individual or group study. These tools are excellent for small or large groups. Additional manuals cost ten dollars each. (A bulk rate is also available).

It becomes clear that the ideas all around us flow from a rejection, denial or resistance to the truth God reveals in these areas. When we see the "big picture" of how each area on the roadmap fits together we are able to lead others to the answers found in Christ and His Word.
World Changers CD (Available Spanish and English) - $20 - Developing a Christian worldview for ages 6-12
New Man (New Man in Christ) is growing up in a Miami neighborhood. He has just won a Grand Prize trip to L.A. to participate in the N.B.A. half-time shoot out. Charlie picks New Man up in a limousine and they begin their journey. Along the way New Man meets interesting people who ask him questions that he's never heard before. By the time he reaches L.A. he understands that God's Word has the answers for all the important questions of life.
God Speaks 101 - CD  $10
101 questions and answers that all Christian ask at one time or another. This is a perfect gift for a new believer or a student who desires to build their knowledge of the Word of God and have answers to those who question "What does the Bible say about...?"
Wisdom 7 - Study Tool $5  
This unique study tool allows you to sort all the Proverbs under one of these "Seven Words" that begin with the letter "W." This product is emailed to you in a spreadsheet format.
Recommended DVD's
Obsession, DVD  
Expelled thumbnail  
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - by Ben Stein
Amerca's Godly Heritage thumbnail  
America's Godly Heritage - by Dr. David Barton
Illustra Media  
The Privileged Planet - Is our planet unique among billions of star systems?
Unlocking the Mystery of Life - Is there a case for an intelligent designer?
The Case for Christ - It their solid evidences for the claims of Christ?
Prophecies of Christ - Why are all these prophecies important?
The Case for a Creator - Is their scientific evidence that points to God?
Recommended Books
The Demands of Jesus by Pastor John Piper
Can Man Live Without God by Dr. Ravi Zacharias
Never Surrender: A Soldiers Journey by Jerry Boykin
Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible by Dr.Erwin Lutzer
Hitler's Cross by Dr. Erwin Lutzer
Seven Men who Rule the World from the Grave by David Breeze
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