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A Four-Course Approach to Creating Disciples
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The Disciples Network is the online discipleship program of CPR Ministries. CPR Ministries is a tax-exempt non-profit organization [501(c)(3)].
David Ewald
CPR Ministries & The
Disciples Network
Reverend David R. Ewald created CPR Ministries and its online course, The Disciples Network. He was educated at Moody Bible Institute, Taylor University, and Cornerstone Seminary. In the last forty years, Reverend Ewald has served as a High School Bible teacher, Youth Pastor, Director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center, and Founder of Worldview Institute. He served as a short term missionary in Brazil where he taught Bible studies to High School students who were children of church planting missionaries. He was married in 1970 and has four children, three sons-in-law, and four grand-children, with more "blessings" on the way.
Reverend David Ewald's ministry background includes:
1973-1990 Youth Pastor at Grandville Baptist Church & High School Bible Instructor
1990-1991 Short Term Missionary in Brazil, Bible and Computer Instructor
1991-1992 Short Term Christian School Administrator
1992-1996 Director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center
1996-2004 Director and Founder of Worldview Institute
2004-Current Director and Founder of CPR Ministries and the online Disciples Network
The Disciples Network realizes that an online discipleship plan is needed.
In the last few years we asked many leaders a basic question: What percentages of people in your (church, school, or mission) have a plan to make disciples? The average answer was 1% and often these leaders expressed an interest for an online course.  
We compiled ideas from at least forty leaders to create four courses that make up this online discipleship plan.
We formed a network of influencers to refine the discipleship plan. To give you a sampling of the people that influenced us, please review the following links:
Christian College
Christian Philosopher
Christian Research
Christian Apologetics
Christian Theologian
Christian Museum
Christian DVD's
Christian Pastor
Christian Conferences
Christian Magazine
Those who study this online discipleship plan and decide to lead groups or individuals thru its four courses are the real network.  They are the ones who advance this "grass roots" effort to make disciples for the glory of God.
What motivates the leaders in this network? Jesus told us to go out and make disciples. In the last few decades many leaders have started home schools and private Christian schools but they realized that 80% of the students in America are taught a secular worldview in secular schools.
This is great challenge that motivates us to reach out to them. We are sobered when we realize that words like:
         God - Jesus - Creator - Creation - Absolute Truth - Intelligent Design - God's Word - Traditional marriage, etc.  
have been expelled from the education of 80% of American students. Our prayer is that this online discipleship plan will reach many students, teachers and parents.
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